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      We, the Players, in order to form a more perfect guild ...



Mission Statement

Delusions of Grandeur seeks to provide those gamers who play with passion only after managing real life commitments the chance to pursue gameplay objectives in an environment absent elitism and tyrannical leadership, but rather characterized by friendliness, positivity, and support. In so doing, Delusions will distinguish itself though in-game excellence in all aspects, including raids, PvP, crafting, and social atmosphere.




Vision Statement

Our guild is a place where people from all walks and backgrounds come to enjoy the richest possible MMORPG experience.


Delusions caters to nearly all MMO-gameplay styles, including those that seem incompatible within a single guild: driven progression raids and also leisurely raids, focused team-oriented PvP and relaxed mindless PvP, a pleasant social experience in text, voice, and video communications that may include any topic of respectful conversation whether base or noble, frivolous or serious, irrelevant or meaningful. We approach progression raids with a serious-minded focus that never loses sight of fun, and we approach leisurely raids with a laid back attitude that never loses sight of success. Players who prefer one of these styles over the other may still occasionally participate in “the other,” and are treated as valued friends by the other group every time. Players do not commit to team goals they do not intend to see through, but neither are players pressured to play in a way, at a pace, or for a duration they are not comfortable with. Raids groups are only active two to three days per week so players never feel pressure to shirk real life duties to log in.


Only one gameplay style is unsupported, and that one exception is “hardcore raiding." Delusions is not a “world first” guild, nor even a “server first” guild. Delusions is focused on raiding excellence on a timetable that allows for real life to come first, always.




Values Statement

Respect and fun are Delusion’s core values. If you aren’t having fun, and if you don’t feel respected by the Leadership or the Membership, then something has gone off course. Delusions values all types of gamers, including those who want to raid hard or PvP hard when they log in, those who prefer to wander around and gather crafting mats while chatting about inane topics, and everyone in between. A great guild really needs both types of players. Those who want to game hard can sometimes be too hard, and those who want to be social can sometimes slow a guild down. Mixed together in an atmosphere that encourages camaraderie, hard gamers help drive social gamers, and social gamers help ground hard gamers. These differing types of gamers complement one another beautifully. Every decision made by the Leadership is driven by a focus on respecting the players and maintaining or enhancing the fun to be had.




Age and Maturity

One’s 18th birthday is not a magic maturity-injecting moment, and it is not pertinent to your application or membership in Delusions. For an explanation of this sacrilegious guild-management policy, follow my Eminem flow here for a bit:


First thing you say, “what the hey, young stupid kids will ruin my play! Don’t you see what the big deal is anyways? They’re just plain old awful to me!” Oo yeah bro run that game, represent yo ignant thang. Discriminate – based on age? That’s just stupid, bro, don’t hate.


We do not limit membership to people over age 18, as many guilds do. However, this does not mean we will have a guild full of fart and boobie jokes. Well … we might have that … but if we do, it won’t be because of the chronologically challenged. Guild members’ children are welcome to join the guild, but their parents will be held responsible for their behavior. Unsponsored individuals under the age of 18 will probably not be right for the guild. This is not a hard and fast rule though. Certainly it has occurred that we knew some valued gamer friends for years, thinking of them as peers, only to shockingly learn later that they were 15 or 16 when we started playing together. Some teens have that maturity. Some adults do not. We won’t discriminate on age, so if you don’t want to say how old you are, you don’t have to. We will be discriminating on maturity, and don’t be surprised how quickly your maturity can be discerned in a single application post. People under 18 aren’t definitely excluded, nor are people over 18 definitely included.