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      Code of Conduct



This page includes a lot of “thou shalt nots.” It is not intended to be a downer. It asks people to look at the Dark Side within, face it, and come out of it like Luke, not like Anakin. Yes yes, evil is cool and all, but that’s in the context of a story or a character. Evil is not cool in real life. And by evil, we mean douchebaggery. Remember, anger, fear, aggression, the Dark Side are they. I might have said that fear leads to anger, and that anger leads to hate, and that hate leads to terrible lines, but this isn’t a page for bashing George Lucas’s script-writing. So … onward with an examination of the Dark Side.




Respect and Fun

Just as the Leadership will hold respect and fun sacrosanct, the Membership is expected to treat one another with the same values. In addition, the Membership will show players outside the guild the same respect shown to each other. As much fun as it is to make fun of idiots in general chat, as tempting as it is to tell the pug tank he sucks so massively it’s questionable the toon is even being played by a self-aware entity, members of Delusions are expected to resist the urge. Reports to Leadership by players outside the guild of disrespect perpetrated by anyone in the Membership will be taken seriously. This is not to say these accusations are instantly believed. This is to say we will look into the matter, and take actions against parties deemed to be guilty. It is not intended to for this sound inquisitional or fun-squelching. There’s a difference between making jokes and being disrespectful. Members of Delusions are expected to know where that line is, and to stay firmly on one side. Feel free to tell US that your pug tank is second coming of Leroy Jenkins. Hell, if you just have to express yourself with cursewords to vent some frustration, feel free to tell us he just fucking sucks omg someone save me! But there’s no need to tell the poor tank anything mean-spirited. That’s where the line is.




Conflict Resolution

It’s going to happen that someone in this guild will piss you off. Even among friends and family, or maybe especially so, disputes and conflicts will emerge. When this happens, please try to work it out amongst yourselves amicably. The leadership is not here to babysit. That being said, if a reasonable attempt to resolve your differences is unsuccessful, then please bring it to the attention of guild leadership. Although we are not here to resolve petty squabbles, we are here to protect the integrity of the guild and promote maximum enjoyment of the social side of the game.


If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you have made an attempt to fix it on your own, maybe you can hire the A-Team guild officers can step in. Don’t be BA and Murdock. Be cool like Face.





Cheating is bad. Don't do it.


This is neither a guild of cheaters, nor a guild for cheaters. If you're a forum warrior who endlessly justifies cheating, there are plenty of other battlefields on which you may wage that war.




Forum Guidelines

Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take time to read the forum guidelines before posting. These guidelines help promote a friendly atmosphere:


    Do not post in all capital letters, use excessive punctuation, etc.

    This practice is used to draw attention to one’s post. While everyone wants their posts read, we ask that you refrain from using sensational tactics in order to bring more people to your thread. Let your post stand on its own merit.

  • Do not bump posts.

    The act of bumping one’s post is considered spamming and contributes nothing constructive to the discussion. Your thread will be seen; there is no need to continually bump it to the top of the list.

  • Do not troll or hijack topics.

    Posting comments within a thread which severely disrupts the original conversation is bad form. It happens by accident sometimes, that's fine. When it happens purposefully, that's not fine. Trolling is prohibited and will be met with swift justice.

  • Petitions are frowned on.

    Ours is a discussion forum. Petition threads do not contain much discussion; instead, a petition is usually page after page of /signed. This is not constructive. If you have an issue with the guild, please discuss it in a civil and informed fashion.

  • Do not post about locked or deleted threads.

    For every locked thread and deleted post there is a good reason. When forum mods lock or delete, they always post the reason why. HOWEVER – their explanatory post comes second on the flow chart after locking/deleting. What does this mean? What it means is that you might notice the lock/delete in that time between the action and the explanation. Hold your horses, cool down, and be patient. Posts whining about locks and deletes before the mods' explanation post will also be deleted, as will posts about tyrannical forum mods. If you must disagree with our actions, do so with reasoned logic, not impassioned emotion. Be Spock, not McCoy. Cause on this starship, Captain Kirk makes no “bones” about slapping some sense into McCoys.





Don’t do it. Anywhere. Not in guild chat. Not on the forums. Not in voice comms.




Multi-Cultural Policy

Before your detector for PC-BS goes off, please read the following: The guild is a mix of races, religions, and cultural backgrounds that you will not always be able to predict, even after we’ve been together for months or years. You may think the joke you’re about to make or the axe you’re about to grind is “safe” for the people who are online at the moment, but you might be wrong. Few things instigate guild drama more quickly or more destructively than insensitive and ignorant-ass remarks. In all guild communication channels, including in-game guild-chat, the forums, and TeamSpeak, the following are utterly, and in all cases, unacceptable:


    Comments that promote racial/ethnic hatred
  • Comments that include recognized racial/ethnic slurs
  • Comments that use group titles in derogatory ways
  • Comments that insult any religion
  • Comments that insult genders or sexual preferences


You will not say that something you dislike is so gay, nor will you say that someone you dislike is a faggot, nor will you greet a friend by calling him nigga, nor will you confuse Muslims with terrorists, nor will you refer to your GF as your bitch. What you will do is respect one another.


Sometimes guildies get so comfortable with each other that slip-ups in judgment will occur. Mistakes are permitted in extremely limited number. “I was just joking” is an excuse that will hasten your /gkick, while “I’m sorry, that was a bonehead thing for me to say, my bad” will probably spare you from one.


Finally, someone who over-reacts to a bonehead comment from another guildie is nearly as bad as the offender. If you’ve been offended by someone’s bonehead comments, please take that up with guild leadership first. THIS IS AN EXCEPTION TO THE CONFLICT RESOLUTION RULES! Please do not get all up in someone else’s grill after they’ve been insulting, even if you do it in (what you think is) a nice way. That never solves anything. Be cool, tell an officer, take a screenshot or something. We’ll handle it. People who escalate multi-cultural guild drama by being massively vocally oversensitive self-righteous pretentious jerks are just as likely to get kicked as the original offender.


Let’s just act like grown-ups, have some dignity, show some respect, and be cool with each other, okay?