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Suicide Kings


Suicide Kings is the loot system we use for operations in SWTOR. A video explaining the system can be found here.


Please note: you can stop watching the video at the 5:00 mark. After that, the narrator describes an aspect of the system that we do not and will never utilize.




Rule Variations

Each raid team in the guild uses the Suicide Kings system differently, according to their own preferences and raid culture. There's no singular, monolithic ruleset for loot distribution that we mandate raid teams adhere to.


If you have questions about the loot rules when you raid with one of our teams, feel free to ask. Raid leaders typically explain loot rules at the start of a raid when there are substitutions or new players, but sometimes no one remembers to untill after a boss is dead and there are purples to roll need or greed for. Loot can always be traded around the raid for a few hours after a boss dies, so there's plenty of time to get it right. Just ask for clarification.