<Delusions of Grandeur>    is a Republic Guild on    The Satele Shan server   in the MMORPG    Star Wars: The Old Republic


Combining skill and maturity to achieve nearly-hardcore goals on a casual schedule.


    We Are Recruiting!


We accept no size restriction on a population of awesome people.


We welcome new applicants, regardless of class, spec, or skill, to participate with us in a wide range of SWTOR's activities.


If you are interested in joining a guild of friendly, helpful, knowledgable, mature, RL-first-minded people, then this is a home for you.







Progression Raid Team Openings

Progression Team needs are noted below, labeled as High Demand, Limited Demand, or Low Demand.


Even if your class is in low-demand, we still encourage you to join, as raid party needs change across time, and because we are always looking for quality individuals for other in-game activities.



Laste Updated: November 8th, 2017




   Guardian: Limited    -    Shadow: Limited    -    Vanguard: Limited






   Commando: Limited    -    Sage: Limited    -    Scoundrel: Limited




 Ranged DPS


   Commando: Limited    -    Gunslinger: Limited    -    Sage: Limited




 Melee DPS


   Guardian: Limited     -     Scoundrel: Limited     -     Sentinel: Limited     -     Shadow: Limited     -     Vanguard: Limited