<Delusions of Grandeur>    is a Republic Guild on    The Satele Shan server   in the MMORPG    Star Wars: The Old Republic


Combining skill and maturity to achieve nearly-hardcore goals on a casual schedule.


News Articles







06 / 05 / 17    New RAID content ... now that's a phrase I've not heard in a long time ... a long time.


Right, so it's one boss, and it's just the one for maybe 6-8 weeks. But after a span without new content measuring literal YEARS ...





    EC NiM Tanks: Defeated!!



06 / 26 / 16    We nailed Colonel Vorgath too, just for good measure.


One of the hardest fights in the game today, and we cleared it in typical Delusions fashion, with 25% raid team survivors!





    EC HM: Cleared (also, 3/5 HM Ravagers)!



02 / 13 / 16    "Next (Wo)Man Up" philosophy meets "Next HM Up" mechanics! Real-Life First factors caused some absences, and no one flinched except Kephess. Somehow, I don't think we've seen the last of him ...


Also, we have HM Torque down, with customary textbook execution (of our team).





   Hardmode Temple: 4/5!



01 / 17 / 16    Continuing our tear through the weekly "Featured Hardmodes," we've cleared Temple of Sacrifice up through Revan now. In our first attempt at 4.0 ToS, we picked up where we left off months ago and netted more 224 gear!





   Dread Fortress, Hardmode: Cleared!



01 / 03 / 16    After our annual holiday hiatus, we got back to business and tackled this week's selected Hardmode: Dread Fortress. One night, one full clear. Easy peasy!





   Happy Holidays!



01 / 02 / 16    Guild Quartermaster Mirne spent some time and resources creating a festive atmosphere for the Perseverance. Whatever holiday you're celebrating IRL, be sure to stop by the flagship for a Life Day celebration too!





   Hardmode TFB and SnV: Cleared!



12 / 01 / 15    Just following the rotation of "Featured Hardmodes" we've managed to clear Terror From Beyond and Scum & Villainy, and nabbed some sweet 224s! There's room for improvement, of course, but a W is a W (and loots are loots).





   Great Turnout for First Fika Night!



08 / 03 / 15    Our inaugural Fika Night brought out 14 players, including 9 Initiates! We romped and stomped all over Eternity Vault 16-man Hardmode, and between the killer icebreaker and the fact that only half of us had ever been to EV before, there was a lot of learning!





   3.0 Hardmodes: 2/5 Each!



04 / 26 / 15    Hardmode Operations in 3.0/.1 were brutal in a way previously reserved for Nightmare-level content. With focus, and after a few weeks of success on HM Bulo, we dispatched HM Sword Squadron pre-nerf. We have a surprising knack for getting kills in just prior to the swing of the nerf bat.





   Ravagers & ToS, Storymode: Cleared!



01 / 03 / 15    Storymode Ravagers and Temple of Sacrifice seemed to be tuned "too hard" when we first went in, but now they don't seem that bad ... funny how that works. We've made steady progress since the release of 3.0, and Hard Modes are on the horizon!





   Arrival of 3.0 Raiding!



12 / 06 / 14    Revan casts his shadow over the galaxy, and Delusions of Grandeur raid teams venture forth to conquer new content. And conquer it, we did. After the first week, nearly all the story mode content is clear, bugs and needed tweaks notwithstanding!





   Terror From Beyond, Nightmare: 4/5!



12 / 01 / 14    Parth said "get me an Ancient Hypergate! Please." And the reformed Honeybadgers said "you got it!" But then 3.0 arrived and Parth will just have take a rain check (sorry Parth!). Still, 4/5 ain't bad!





   JWI Nightmare Tribute!



11 / 30 / 14    JWI is unlike any other raid team in Delusions, and perhaps unlike any other raid team on the internet. They got together to celebrate their unique path to success, and to show off their achievements.





   Grand Party & Parade of Homes!



09 / 28 / 14    Exteme Makeover: Flagship Edition featured a contest and a parade of homes, a comdey of death challenges, a rain of AE attacks in the foyer of all participants' Coruscant strongholds, and the largest single gathering of guildies ever! Also, Parthena won the contest!





   Delusions of Summer Flame!



08 / 27 / 14    It was a busy summer for Delusions! Three new DF NiM kills, over 100 million credits donated to the guild bank in anticipation of the Strongholds patch, 7th place on Voss for the first Conquest Event, a new Flagship to call our own, bunches of new friends, a team of Smokin' Wookies and another of Sithy Siths, a Party Master General, and loads of fun and good times.





   Dread Fortress (NiM), 4/5!



08 / 02 / 14    Undeterred by the typical summertime drawdown in activity, JWI fought their way to victory over 4 of 5 Nightmare modes in Dread Fortress. Stellar work!





   Dread Fortress (NiM): 1/5!



04 / 28 / 14    Our first foray into Nightmare Mode Dread Fortress resulted in a successful kill on bossy-face number one. Also, congrats to Delusions for having multiple teams with both DF & DP HM complete ... when that content was hard and relevant no less!





   Dread Palace (HM): Cleared!



02 / 22 / 14    The Dread Council was not so dreadful. They got their chuckles in a few times, but we got the last laugh. Not even TS-mute mishaps, nor multiple health-bar percentage miscues, nor Mario Cartesque cheating on the part of the Council itself could deny us!





   Dread Fortress (HM): Cleared!



02 / 14 / 14    It's a Valentine's Day Special! Dread Master Brontes had a date with her destiny, and she was not stood up ...





   Hardmode DF & DP: 4/5!



01 / 20 / 14    New year, new conquests! We're coming back strong from our traditional holiday downshift. We're so close to beating this content, and before the next content is even here yet ... guess we better keep our starfighters warmed up and prepped for action!





   Scum & Villainy HM: Cleared!



09 / 01 / 13    Dread Master Styrak endured merely a fraction of a second less did we, but that's all it took and, with that, for now, Hardmode Progression is complete. All that's left to do now is to make him pay for his initial obstinance ... over and over again.





   Scum & Villainy HM: 3/7 cleared!



08 / 26 / 13    Summer progression ... progresses yet again! Delusions now has THREE independent teams clearing level-55 TFB HM. And now we're 3/7 into S&V-HM! If September is generally when raid teams experience a resurgence, then imagine what's yet to come!





   Terror From Beyond, Hardmode 2.0: Cleared!



07 / 06 / 13    Guild First 2.0 Hardmode clear - weeee! Progression success in the middle of the summer ... during a US holiday weekend ... say wha?! Way to go guys! Now go have some bbq!





   Scum & Villainy, Storymode: Cleared!



04 / 20 / 13    Raid Team "Just Wing It" logged our first full clear of 2.0 new stuff! Nice work guys, and fast - um, leave some for the rest of us!





   Explosive Conflict Hardmode: Cleared!



02 / 10 / 13    Kephess had a bad week. Multiple raid groups have his number, and it's only going to get worse for the poor guy. By the time we're done with Terror From Beyond, Kephess will be some kind of tragic punchline. /WoWreferenceJoke: "Denova was merely a setback ... "





   Explosive Conflict Hardmode: Cleared!



02 / 03 / 13    There were three simultaneous 8-man progression teams in EC Hardmode last night. All three of them were working on Kephess concurrently. Sure, this is maybe eight months later than other guilds did it, but we achieved this on a timetable defined by RL > Raiding. Way to go guys!





   Nightmares of Awesome!



01 / 26 / 13    It has been an explosive few months of activity, where the guild about doubled in size, added two new progression teams, and beat a bunch of new content. The site's news editor can't keep up!





   Outsourcing No More!



11 / 27 / 12    Our reborn Progression Team made a first kill in EC Hard with an all-guild group. It's sweet to have a 100% chance for the fruits of our labors to stay in the family. We have lots of up-and-comers gearing out and getting ready for EC. Soon we'll have that critical mass of players that assures an all-guild run every week.





   House Thul: Owned!



10 / 27 / 12    A strike team landed on Alderaan, and deactivated House Thul.





   Explosive Conflict: Now With 2 Groups!



09 / 13 / 12    We've had attrition at key positions on our Progression Team. However, we now have two groups (with only a little alt-overlap) making their way through EC-Story now to catch us back up!





   Explosive Conflict (Hard): 3/4 Defeated!



07 / 15 / 12    About 8 attempts to learn the minefield on Hard. Not bad.


Many thanks to Iwee, whose experience and friendly direction helped make this possible, and to Flyleaf, whose heals have sustained us for a few weeks now.





   Explosive Conflict (Hard): 2/4 Defeated!



07 / 01 / 12    Week 2 of attemps on Toth & Zorn on hardmode yielded us a kill, and then some.


Many thanks to the fine work done by Doc, whose exceptional Scoundrely heals helped make this possible.





   Explosive Conflict, Storymode: On Farm



05 / 22 / 12    We dropped Kephess after just a few attempts on our first night with the encounter.


Many thanks to the fine work done by the guys at swtorextreme, whose boss-kill video really made our work easy.





   T&Z + EC Tanks: Defeated!



05 / 04 / 12    Toth, Zorn, their Handler, Firebrand and Stormcaller are officially dead at our hands. Whew.





   Soa (Hard): Defeated!



05 / 04 / 12    1.2 brought much needed relief from the original bugginess of Eternity Vault on hardmode. Remember how bugged pylons were? That was nothing compared to Soa's HM bugs.





   Karagga's Palace (Hard): Defeated!



03 / 26 / 12    Our first time on Hardmode. 2.5 hours. All bosses dead, first try. The trash, on the other hand ...





   +10 Stats



03 / 02 / 12    And thus were we +10 more uberer!





   Eternity Vault (Normal): Defeated!



01 / 29 / 12    Our first full clear of a raid instance in SWTOR!





   Happy New Year!



01 / 01 / 12    Boy do we know how to party!





   Server First 50



12 / 19 / 11    Our very own Tallaan, Jedi Sentinel, was Vornskr server's first level 50. Boy, do the rest of us have a lot of catching up to do.


Gratz Tallaan!




   Early Access - Game Launch



12 / 12 / 11    Early Access starts today! The game we've been eagerly awaiting, and furiously Beta Testing, is ready for us to start our official journeys.






   Website Launched



09 / 15 / 11    Delusions of Grandeur's 1.0 website launched. The webdesigner smiled on his creation, for it was good.


Or, at least it didn't suck.




   Guild Founded



08 / 06 / 11    Delusions of Grandeur officially founded as a guild with the pre-launch guild formation system Bioware ran for several months prior to release.


Other guild names under consideration at the time were Fearless and Inventive, Crimson Vanguard, Serenity, and Sith Happens (which we thought of FIRST (along with eleventybillion others)).