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<Delusions of Grandeur>    is a Republic Guild on    The Satele Shan server   in the MMORPG    Star Wars: The Old Republic


Combining skill and maturity to achieve nearly-hardcore goals on a casual schedule.



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July 1, 2012

Explosive Conflict (Hard): 2/4 Defeated!


Our search for a permanent, high quality healer goes on. After several weeks pugging healers, The Outlaw Doc Holiday came in and healed like a real pro. Friendly and mature and highly skilled. Thanks!


Continuing a fine tradition, one dating back to WoW, we stand a very high chance of success on progression bosses when Silverknight (Mayalena) is dead before the end of the fight, and our 7/1 raid was no different.


We have struggled for a few weeks on Toth & Zorn (Hard), because we have no consistency at our second-healer position. And despite that, as well as hitting the enrage timer at around 3% left on Zorn, we succeeded.


Of course, both tanks were dead by the time handler came down, but some seriously pro play from Tallaan, Kaylah, McMahon (Juilin), and Doc made tanks irrelevent. Nice job guys.


From there, we went on to down Firebrand and Stormcaller without too much trouble. We hit the enrage timer there too, but that's okay. Everyone lived. Except the pilots in the tanks. Go go campaign loots!