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<Delusions of Grandeur>    is a Republic Guild on    The Satele Shan server   in the MMORPG    Star Wars: The Old Republic


Combining skill and maturity to achieve nearly-hardcore goals on a casual schedule.



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October 27, 2012

House Thul: Owned!


General Madine couldn't have planned this any better himself. Well ... maybe he could have ... he liked to use stolen Imperial shuttles disguised as cargo ships, and secret Imperial codes. We just went in the front door guns blazing, but we managed to land on Alderaan and deactive House Thul.


Thanks to Mat-lar for setting this up for us, and thanks to all the guilds that came to participate! We had hoped for some variety of a sentient Imperial response, but aside from a few PvPers, we rolled unimpeeded.


Stay tuned for similar events coming in the future!