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<Delusions of Grandeur>    is a Republic Guild on    The Satele Shan server   in the MMORPG    Star Wars: The Old Republic


Combining skill and maturity to achieve nearly-hardcore goals on a casual schedule.



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December 6th, 2014

Storymode Achievements!


In Delusion's first raids of 3.0, Storymodes of The Ravagers and the Temple of Sacrifice were on the menu, and we brought hungering apetities! At the conclusions of 3.0's first week, the guild has cleared all of the The Ravagers on Storymode, and gotten up to Malaphar in the Temple of Sacrifice on Storymode.


Honeybadgers barely survived their kill of Quartermaster Bulo, and then we 1-shot the final encounter with the captains sight-unseen, with no foreknowledge of the mechanics since Dulfy doesn't have a guide for that fight yet. Simple fight, and good teamwork. Smokin Wookies cleared up to Malaphar tonight as well. These operations were both pretty fun. Looking forward to Hardmodes!