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      Player vs. Environment




We raid. It is not, however, a part time job.


Raid durations rarely exceed 4 hours. The days of 13-hour ML raids, or 9-hour BWL raids are long gone. So much the better.


We have two different raid types, one focused on progression, and the other focused on leisure. Progression nights are when our aim is to defeat content that challenges us, and that means bringing people with the interest, gear, and experience to make that possible. Leisure raids are impromptu events for new recruits to show us what they've got, for people to raid with their alts, for people to catch up on gear if they were away for a while, and for people who just don't care about progression but do want to experience raid content with their friends.



     Team HoneyBadger


    Days: Saturdays
  • Time: 5pm US Pacific
  • Duration: ~3 hrs
  • Faction: Republic





Achievement Runs:

We will occasionly schedule groups for the collective pursuit of in-game achievements. Some achievements are best obtained together. Some must be obtained together. All are best obtained when lots of people are around to say "GRATZ!"