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The guild's leadership positions are service positions, not privilege positions. When ambiguous situations call for definite solutions, Delusions leaders err in favor of guild members at their own (the officers') expense. Exceptions to this rule always have a clearly-communicated reason in real time. Delusions leaders ensure that guild philosophy is upheld, and act as exemplars of guild principles. The leaders are not, however, infallible. Therefore, private messages in game, or on the forum, are always welcome from members who feel like they have a suggestion to make. Or an axe to grind. Truly, either is good.






The idea behind the Peacekeeper rank is to provide the guild a quick and easy way to manage raid invites. Delusions will have a diverse array of players, some hardcore and some softcore and some all in the middle. The Peacekeeper rank has nothing to do with that, though, which is contrary to how most guilds do it. A rank like this is normally reserved for the hardcore members. In Delusions, this rank is setup for players who are at the minimum gear level to be useful in a hardmode raid, and who will also be raiding regularly.


In SWTOR Hardmode content, one’s gear brackets the high- and low-end potential of a player to do their job. A skilled but badly geared player may be able to perform on the high end of the bracket, but the bracket itself is still low. The Peacekeeper rank makes it easy to distinguish between those who are ready to go, and those who might need to be carried.


As an aside, we in Delusions have nothing against carrying undergeared players. In fact, that's exactly how we handle Storymode content in Leisure raids, where overgeared players help along new players, or old players' alts. However, Hardmode raiding is different, and in that content, you can’t fight the maths with willpower, unfortunately.


Last, fear not the “regularly” word attached to the rank’s description if you are a player who only plays a few hours a week. There’s a difference between “regularly” and “frequently.” Delusions values the contributions of players who only get a little time to play, but who play hard and well when doing so. Even members who only raid once a week are entitled to the Peacekeeper rank, as long as they can keep their gear and skill current.




This is the rank for all those who are leveling, who are new to the guild, and who are a little more socialite and a little less DPS-rotation-perfector. If you prefer your button mashing to result in guild chat text more often than dead mobs, that’s great. A guild like ours needs and values these types of game players. They often add heart and soul to a guild that would otherwise pursue gear and boss kills like zombies pursue brains …


The cool thing about Delusions is that Citizens totally get to raid, as long as we (A) have room, and (B) are sufficiently OP for the raid that we can carry you. As noted above, we enjoy carrying people who are loved and valued guildies … we just don’t do so if the attempt is likely to end in failure. And because this is a "real-life first" guild, there are openings on regular raid teams nearly every week. Just stay plugged in, and opportunities to participate in SWTOR's raid content will not be scarce.




This rank is well explained on the main Ranks page. The main thing we ask is that you at least TRY to keep the chat PG-13 when there are kiddos are online. The rest of the time, feel free to drop cluster-fbombs on guild chat and talk about your crazy slutty cousin all you want. But when you know there’s a child online, keep those conversations private or silent. We’re not gonna sweat a few PG-13 curse words. Let’s just not go overboard.


And for parents, if you strongly prefer to completely shelter your kids’ eyes and minds from the corruptors of "curse words" and "sex talk," this guild is not the best one for your children. As noted in the main description of the rank, we will not censor guild chat, nor reprimand members for their PG-13 conversation (which, remember allows for one massive F-bomb per feature length film). We will ask members be in control. But that’s it.




What needs to be said here? Let’s see … Initiates are not allowed to get loot, and have to tithe 35% of their in-game profits to the guild for the duration of their trial period. Also, they have to acquiesce to every Padawan’s request to be run through low level content, over and over and over again.


Disclaimer: None of that is really true.