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Guild Master (GM):
Silverknight (Mayalena)

The GM provides strategic level direction and generally runs stuff. The guild’s success belongs to the guild. The guild’s failures belong to the GM.


Officer (alphabetical order):


These officers work to provide leadership and promote community development. Additional officers may be added on an as-needed basis.


The leaders in Delusions are public servants, not privileged aristocracy enjoying divine rights.






These are guild members with a certain minimum standard in level, gear, and spec that enables them to be successful in a raid. Peacekeepers are expected to regularly** participate in raids and/or PvP events.



This is the guild's fundamental rank. Citizens are not required to do anything but hang out and have fun. Citizens may occasionally participate in raids as space allows. Initiates are promoted to this rank upon successful completion of a trial period.



This is the rank for guild members' children. Kids as young as 10 will occasionally be online. The rank easily distinguishes them so members may, (1) be selective with the content of their conversation, and (2) have appropriate expectations of these members as players. Although we will not be censoring guild chat or vent, we do ask adults to be sensible when Padawans are online, and to show more patience when it comes to gameplay. In short, please don't hit up the Padawans for relationship advice or, for example, get mad if they are ineffective tanks.



Applicants are invited to the guild at this rank for a trial period lasting between 2 and 4 weeks. We do promotions of Initiates to Citizen in bunches about once a month. In a given round of promotions, Initiates might be promoted to Citizen, politely invited to try their fortunes with another guild, or possibly passed up for another Initiate period. This last occurs when the Initiate has not made a definite impression on the guild, and when a little more evaluation is necessary. This can only occur once, after which an initiate will either be promoted or not.



Guild members who go inactive for one month without notice will be demoted to the rank of Citizen. Guild members who go inactive for three months without notice will be removed from the guild. An in-game email will be sent explaining why your character was removed. You are welcome to rejoin the guild at the rank of Citizen upon your return without the need of a new application. This procedure exists to keep our roster fresh and accurate. If you know you will be away for an extended period, let an officer know and/or post in the AFK/BRB forum, and you will be exempt from this action.