<Delusions of Grandeur>    is a Republic Guild on    The Harbinger server   in the MMORPG    Star Wars: The Old Republic


Combining skill and maturity to achieve nearly-hardcore goals on a casual schedule.


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06 / 05 / 17    New RAID content ... now that's a phrase I've not heard in a long time ... a long time.


Right, so it's one boss, and it's just the one for maybe 6-8 weeks. But after a span without new content measuring literal YEARS ...






   We Are Recruiting!




06 / 05 / 17    Current Class Needs:



All classes, specializations, and roles are welcome!



Delusions of Grandeur is perfect for people who have real lives but want to run successful raids, PvP, and hang out and shoot the bantha poodoo with a regular group.





   Visual Reference to Companion Gifts



11 / 20 / 2015    This is designed to be a quick reference for seeing exactly what gifts your companions want. Data is included for all companions, romance options, and character classes.


Updated June 05, 2017                           


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